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Untold benefits of smoking crack cocaine

I used to live a boring life. I had a stupid job, a wife who always made me do things, and kids that never knew how to shut up.

Ever since I purchased some of Mitt Monarchy's amazing crack cocaine, my life has been perfect! Jesus and I just hang out in the park all day. No need for a job.

People drop money on us! A gift from heaven and all thanks to Mitt Monarchy. I can't wait to tiptoe through his tulips again tonight to score some of that sweet, sweet crack cocaine!

Home sweet sweet crack

Energize your day!

Smoking crack stimulates the parvocellular neurosecretory cells in the hypothalamus. As a result, the hypophysiotopic hormone (cortisoltropic releasing hormone or CRH) is released into the portal circulation of the anterior pitutiary gland thus exciting the cells causing release of adenocortisoltropic hormone (ACH) into the general blood stream. ACH stimulates the adrenal cortex and releases cortisol which through negative feedback shuts down the production of ACH and leads to increased blood glucose levels, increased blood pressure, AND immunosuppression. This is good for giving energy!

Silver and gold never goes out of style!

It's always stylish and fashionable to dress colours like gold and silver. These eternal classics never goes out of fashion! Just add some around your mouth and nose and you will be star of the party!

Revitalise your body!

It releases oxytocin and vassopressin. Vassopressin is a ADH (antidiuretic hormone) that causes vasocontriction and decreases the amount of urination by retaining water in the kidneys.

Get your brains working!

Smoking crack also stimulates the norepinephrine system through diffuse modulatory systems. Basically the cell soma in the locus coeruleus is stimulated signalling a response to the cerebellum and the cerebral cortex this helps with arousal (why drug addicts are horny and having so many kids), learning and memory, and mood.